House Rules

Drug Usage

This is a Clean and Sober facility – drug and alcohol use is strictly prohibited - Any violation of this rule will be cause for immediate discharge. This is non-negotiable.

It is strongly desired for all potential residents to have attained a minimum of (30) days Clean and Sober prior to admission and provide treatment center contact information to verify if applicable. However, we will consider each applicant on a case by case basis.

All residents are required to submit to a drug and alcohol screening upon admission - random drug tests will be administered during each occupant’s stay as well. Refusal will result in immediate discharge.  

Time 4 Sober Living reserves the right to conduct random, unannounced room inspections. Discovery of illicit substances or contraband may result in immediate discharge and potential of the filing a report with local law enforcement.  

General Rules

Contraband items include, but are not limited to: drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons of any kind (guns, knives, bows, etc.), pornographic material (pictures, magazines, videos) on paper, sexually explicit or drug-related material (clothing, pictures, etc.), any material that is rude or offensive.  

Disruptive behavior is not tolerated. Any behavior which is deemed by the house manager to be detrimental to the serenity and recovery of any resident is strictly forbidden. These acts include, but are not limited to, verbal threats, sexual harassment, physical violence, destruction of property and/or intimidation of any manner. Any such acts are grounds for immediate discharge.  

Time 4 Sober Living is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal property.

Any household items that are broken or damaged by a resident must be replaced. Repairs or replacement to building structures, equipment or appliances must be done by a professional authorized by T4 staff and paid for by the resident.  

Theft is not tolerated. This offense will result in immediate discharge.  

Weekly Requirements

Attendance at the weekly House Meeting is Mandatory, unless you have been excused for a valid reason by T4 House Manager.  

All residents are required to attend meetings in the following stages:

  • Stage 1 - 0-30 Days
    • 6 AA / NA / DA / Celebrate Recovery Meetings per week 
    • Curfew 10pm
    • No Overnights
    • Must Have a Sponsor within 30 days
  • Stage 2 - 31-60 Days
    • 5 AA / NA / DA Celebrate Recovery Meetings per week
    • Curfew 11pm
    • 1 Overnight per week
    • Must Have a Homegroup
  • Stage 3 - 61+ days….
    • 4 AA / NA / DA / Celebrate Recovery Meetings per week
    • Curfew 12pm Unless Authorized by T4 House Manager
    • 2 Overnights per week

Personal Requirements

Residents are responsible for the purchase and preparation of their own meals. Label your food and drinks. If it is NOT yours, do not eat it! 

Smoking/vaping is permitted in designated areas only.  Smoking/vaping is NOT PERMITTED INSIDE THE HOUSE. Dispose of your ash and butts in the disposal cans/ashtrays provided outside.

Daily Personal Hygiene is Required by all residents. Beds must be made daily.

Chore List - rotating schedule will be posted weekly - FAILURE to COMPLY will result in FINES!!!

  1. Bathrooms cleaned on a daily basis.  
  2. Bedrooms must be kept clean and in orderly fashion
  3. Carpets in Bedrooms and Common Areas vacuumed twice a week
  4. No Dishes, Cups and Utensils will be kept in Bedrooms, must be put away when finished using.
  5. No Laundry to be left in Washing Machine or Dryer

General Housekeeping is Mandatory for all residents.

Reasonable noise levels are to be maintained at all times.  No yelling, screaming or excessive loud music or TV. 

The kitchen must be kept neat and clean at all times. Wash, dry and put away your dishes immediately and wipe down all surfaces.  All food stored in the fridge must be in Ziploc or Tupperware containers. 

Common areas (Living room and dining room) should be kept neat and clean at all times. 

Personal items left by discharged residents will be kept for 24 hours and then they will be donated to a local thrift store. 

Each resident must sign in/out each time you arrive/leave the house and check-in at meetings. For those with a cell phone we will be using the One Step Software app to assist with check-ins. For those without a cell phone check-in will be done manually.  

Good relations are to be maintained with all of our neighbors.  Please conduct yourself accordingly. TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS will NOT be allowed. Generally speaking, most activities should be held inside the privacy fence—including smoking/vaping. 

Fire and emergency safety plans will be reviewed upon admission.  Smoke only in designated areas. 

Please be conservative with water and electricity.  Shut off lights when leaving rooms. 

Residents in violation of any house rules may be subject to FINES and or IMMEDIATE DISCHARGE. Insubordination will NOT be tolerated.