All residents MUST remain clean and alcohol free.

Time 4 Sober Living House (Morningside) does not accept prescribed assisted maintenance plans.

You must submit to random alcohol and drug testing.

You must attend 6 AA / NA meetings weekly, including a House Meeting on Sundays.

You must work full time or diligently seek employment 5 days a week. That means out of the house at 9 AM.

You must adhere to all house rules, curfews and policies.

You must pay rent in full and on time each week.

 If you agree with the above, then let’s get started.

  1. If you are coming from a treatment facility speak to your counselor and check on your discharge date. If you are coming straight to Time 4 Sober Living let us know your start date.
  2. Please review our House Rules and review with your counselor if at a treatment facility.
  3. Call for an over-the-phone interview 919-576-0621. The interview will take approximately 15 minutes.
  4. Upon acceptance consent will be needed from your treatment facility (if applicable). They need to email your health assessment prior to your arrival.
  5. The administrative entry fee is $300 - weekly rent is $200. Upon acceptance, we will hold your bed for arrival. $500 is due to reserve a bed. Payment may be made by Credit or Debit Card on the Time 4 Sober Living site in the Admission page - "Apply Here".
  6. We permit you to bring your own bedding however, all bed linens are supplied - bike, scooter, legal car with legal driver’s license, personal photos, food items, laundry items, cell phone, lap top (wireless connection is available).
  7. Please arrange transportation to the Time 4 Sober Living.

You must arrive Clean and Sober - a Drug Test will be administered at the time of arrival.

Apply Here

If you're ready to movie forward click the link below and complete the online application to get started.